Recent Graduates

Name Degree Paper Title Advisor Completed
Matthew Bambach Masters The Land of Blue Green Waters? Describing the Algal Community Dynamics of Six Minnesota Lakes by Examining Cyanobacterial Dominance and Toxicity Andrew Bramburger March 2020
Hannah Behar Masters Modeling Stream Thermal Dynamics: The Influence of Beaver Dams in a Minnesota Watershed Karen Gran and Salli Dymond August 2020
Brian Bohman Doctoral Investigating Nitrogen and Irrigation Management Strategies to Improve Agronomic and Environmental Outcomes for Potato Production David Mulla and Carl Rosen August 2021
Amanda Brennan Doctoral Increasing Transparency in the Implications of Variability in Contaminant Partitioning Nathan Johnson November 2021
David Burge Doctoral Modern Limnological and Paleolimnological Applications of Diatoms in Minnesota Lakes Mark Edlund April 2021
Emma Burgeson Masters Hydrologic Responses to Beaver Dam Removal in the Knife River Watershed Karen Gran and Salli Dymond October 2022
Katie Cassidy Masters The Environmental Impacts of the Use of Potassium Acetate as an Alternative Deicer Chan Lan Chun November 2022
Ayooluwateso Coker Masters Phosphorus in Riverine and Lake Bottom Sediments: Role in the formation of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Lake Superior Robert Sterner August 2022
Peter Conowall Masters A Comparison of The Microplastic Burden on the Ecosystems of Four Inland Lakes in Minnesota, USA Katie Schreiner June 2022
Lisa Deguire Masters From Shipping to Swimming: Bacterial Monitoring and Diversity in Ballast Treatment Systems and Recreational Waters Randall Hicks and Chan Lan Chun August 2021
Nichole DeWeese Masters Long-term population growth and food web impacts of the Spiny Water Flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) revealed from sediment records Donn Branstrator and Euan Reavie March 2020
Chelsea Delaney Masters Estimating Lake Water Volume Using Scale Analysis John Nieber Dec. 2019
Jack Distel Masters Identifying the Impact and Efficacy of Watershed Management on an Urban Stream John Nieber Feb. 2020
Devin Edge Masters Photodegradation of Natural Organic Matter in Plume Versus Non-plume Waters in Lake Superior Liz Austin-Minor August 2021
Leah Egan Schleppenbach Masters Cyanobacteria phenology and toxicity across six Minnesota temperate lakes Chris Filstrup and Cody Sheik October 2022
Jasmine Eltawely Masters   Ray Newman Dec. 2019
Zachary Ethier Masters   Jay Bell and Chris Lenhart Feb. 2020
Emily Fleissner Masters Investigating the Changes in Fish Behavior in Response to Anthropogenic Sound Allen Mensinger August 2021
Lara Frankson Masters Measurement of Antibiotics in Water and Sediment: Determining Our Antibiotic Footprint Bill Arnold June 2020
Jacob Fredrickson Masters Spatial and Temporal Variability During Radiatively-Driven Convection in Lake Superior Jay Austin July 2021
Shelbi Hammerschmidt Masters Understory Transpiration Rates Following Stand Density Reduction in a Coast Redwood Forest Salli Dymond October 2020
Kerri Hawk Masters   Larry Baker December 2019
Elizabeth Hill Masters A High-Throughput Microfluidic qPCR Platform for the Simultaneous Quantification of Fecal Indicator Bacteria, Microbial Source Tracking Markers, and Pathogens in Surface Waters and Municipal Wastewater Satoshi Ishii and Chan Lan Chun July 2022
Emily Hyde Masters   Cody Sheik August 2020
Mitchell Ihlang Masters Groundwater recharge in formerly glaciated terrain: Exploring the relationship between frost dynamics, precipitation, and snowmelt in a Northeastern Minnesota deranged drainage basin John Swenson and Salli Dymond August 2021
Adelle Keppers Masters Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Two Unique City Sewer Systems Chan Lan Chun Dec. 2020
Douglas Klimbal Masters Methods for Monitoring and Mitigating the Use of Chloride Deicers Larry Baker and Bruce Wilson Jan. 2020
Garner Kohrell Masters Quantifying the Impacts of Climate Change on Soil Erosion and Runoff in Minnesota Agricultural Watersheds using the WEPP Model David Mulla August 2022
Katie Kramarczuk Masters Optimizing Biofiltration Media for the Capture of Phosphate and the Support of Vegetation Growth Andy Erickson and Jacques Finlay June 2022
Sophia LaFond-Hudson Doctoral Biogeochemical interactions and ecological consequences of sulfur in stands of wild rice Nathan Johnson and John Paster May 2020
Xiang Li Masters Drainage Timescale Estimates and Storage Change Analysis on a Basin Scale John Nieber June 2020
Maqsood Mansur Masters Observation and Prediction of Seiches in Lake Superior Sam Kelly Oct. 2020
Elizabeth (Betsy) McKay Masters Ecology of Giant, Sulfur-Oxidizing Thioploca Bacteria in Great Lakes Sediments Ted Ozersky June 2021
Shawnee McMillian Masters Water Chemistry and Microbial Nitrogen Cycling in Wild Rice Wetlands Chan Lan Chun December 2021
Kaela Natwora Masters   Cody Sheik Aug. 2020
Tongyao Pu Masters Stratification stability of tropical lakes and their responses to climatic changes: Lake Towuti (Indonesia) Sergei Katsev Jan. 2023
Cole Reagan Masters Plan B Project John Nieber April 2023
Kaitlin Reinl Doctoral The Intersection of Climate Change, Watershed Influence, and Phytoplankton Dynamics in Lake Superior Robert Sterner July 2021
Kirsten Rhude Masters Food or Habitat: Drivers of Diporeia sediment preference on a Lake Superior transect Robert Sterner August 2021
Kasey Rundquist Masters Plan B Project John Nieber December 2021
Larissa Scott Masters Habitat Quality in the Floodplain Following a Channel Reconfiguration Project: Stewart River, MN Lucinda Johnson and Karen Gran Feb. 2021
Kirill Shchapov Doctoral Seasonal community and food web dynamics of planktonic and benthic Ted Ozersky Dec. 2022
Geordee Spilkia Masters Mercury removal in municipal wastewater: The role of TSS and DOM in meeting Great Lakes discharge limits Nathan Johnson June 2021
Gloria Thomas Masters Plan B Project Sebastian Behrens Oct. 2020
Tyler Untiedt Masters Influence of Water Chemistry and Microbiome on Macrophyte Composition in Wild Rice Wetlands in NE Minnesota Chan Lan Chun Feb. 2023
Tamara Walsky Masters Occurrences and Temporal Dynamics of Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Different Stormwater Reuse Systems Satoshi Ishii December 2021
Karina Weelborg Masters Field-scale evaluation of MN-sourced biochar for comprehensive contaminant removal from parking lot runoff Joe Magner and Bridget Ulrich April 2023
Amber White Masters Identification of Methylmercury Export Hotspots in an Industrially-Influenced Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Nathan Johnson Dec. 2020
Julia Zimmer Masters Analyzing Commercial Shipping Docks as a Source for Human and Wildlife Pathogens in the St. Louis River Estuary Randall Hicks and Chan Lan Chun August 2022