Recent Graduates

NameDegreePaper TitleAdvisorCompleted
David AdamsMastersThe Effect of Annual and Seasonal Variation in Precipitation on Temporal Water Storage Dynamics in Six Headwater Peatland Catchments: Marcell Experimental Forest, MinnesotaSalli DymondAugust 2023
Nichole AngellMastersCost-effectiveness of aquatic invasive species prevention techniquesNick PhelpsSept. 2023
David BaldusMasters Karen Gran and John SwensonSept. 2023
Matthew BambachMastersThe Land of Blue Green Waters? Describing the Algal Community Dynamics of Six Minnesota Lakes by Examining Cyanobacterial Dominance and ToxicityAndrew BramburgerMarch 2020
Hannah BeharMastersModeling Stream Thermal Dynamics: The Influence of Beaver Dams in a Minnesota WatershedKaren Gran and Salli DymondAugust 2020
Matthew BelangerMastersAssessing the Implications of Chloride from Land Application of Manure for Minnesota WaterwaysMelissa Wilson and Erin CortusJune 2023
Brian BohmanDoctoralInvestigating Nitrogen and Irrigation Management Strategies to Improve Agronomic and Environmental Outcomes for Potato ProductionDavid Mulla and Carl RosenAugust 2021
Elizabeth BoorMastersChemicals of Emerging Concern in Minnesota Subsurface Sewage Treatment SystemsSara HegerJuly 2023
Amanda BrennanDoctoralIncreasing Transparency in the Implications of Variability in Contaminant PartitioningNathan JohnsonNovember 2021
David BurgeDoctoralModern Limnological and Paleolimnological Applications of Diatoms in Minnesota LakesMark EdlundApril 2021
Emma BurgesonMastersHydrologic Responses to Beaver Dam Removal in the Knife River WatershedKaren Gran and Salli DymondOctober 2022
Katie CassidyMastersThe Environmental Impacts of the Use of Potassium Acetate as an Alternative DeicerChan Lan ChunNovember 2022
Ayooluwateso CokerMastersPhosphorus in Riverine and Lake Bottom Sediments: Role in the formation of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Lake SuperiorRobert SternerAugust 2022
Peter ConowallMastersA Comparison of The Microplastic Burden on the Ecosystems of Four Inland Lakes in Minnesota, USAKatie SchreinerJune 2022
Megan CorumMastersDiel and horizontal patterns in the densities of Bythotrephes, Chaoborus, and Leptodora in a Minnesota ReservoirDonn BranstratorNov. 2023
Lisa DeguireMastersFrom Shipping to Swimming: Bacterial Monitoring and Diversity in Ballast Treatment Systems and Recreational WatersRandall Hicks and Chan Lan ChunAugust 2021
Nichole DeWeeseMastersLong-term population growth and food web impacts of the Spiny Water Flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) revealed from sediment recordsDonn Branstrator and Euan ReavieMarch 2020
Chelsea DelaneyMastersEstimating Lake Water Volume Using Scale AnalysisJohn NieberDec. 2019
Jack DistelMastersIdentifying the Impact and Efficacy of Watershed Management on an Urban StreamJohn NieberFeb. 2020
Devin EdgeMastersPhotodegradation of Natural Organic Matter in Plume Versus Non-plume Waters in Lake SuperiorLiz Austin-MinorAugust 2021
Leah Egan SchleppenbachMastersCyanobacteria phenology and toxicity across six Minnesota temperate lakesChris Filstrup and Cody SheikOctober 2022
Mark EllmanMastersEffects of Winter Hypoxia on Fish Communities in Northern WisconsinThomas HrabikJuly 2023
Jasmine EltawelyMasters Ray NewmanDec. 2019
Zachary EthierMasters Jay Bell and Chris LenhartFeb. 2020
Emily FleissnerMastersInvestigating the Changes in Fish Behavior in Response to Anthropogenic SoundAllen MensingerAugust 2021
Lara FranksonMastersMeasurement of Antibiotics in Water and Sediment: Determining Our Antibiotic FootprintBill ArnoldJune 2020
Jacob FredricksonMastersSpatial and Temporal Variability During Radiatively-Driven Convection in Lake SuperiorJay AustinJuly 2021
Shelbi HammerschmidtMastersUnderstory Transpiration Rates Following Stand Density Reduction in a Coast Redwood ForestSalli DymondOctober 2020
Kerri HawkMasters Larry BakerDecember 2019
Elizabeth HillMastersA High-Throughput Microfluidic qPCR Platform for the Simultaneous Quantification of Fecal Indicator Bacteria, Microbial Source Tracking Markers, and Pathogens in Surface Waters and Municipal WastewaterSatoshi Ishii and Chan Lan ChunJuly 2022
Audrey HuffDoctoralDreissenid-Mediated Energy and Nutrient Cycling in Profundal Regions of the Laurentian Great LakesTed OzerskyAugust 2023
Emily HydeMasters Cody SheikAugust 2020
Mitchell IhlangMastersGroundwater recharge in formerly glaciated terrain: Exploring the relationship between frost dynamics, precipitation, and snowmelt in a Northeastern Minnesota deranged drainage basinJohn Swenson and Salli DymondAugust 2021
Adelle KeppersMastersCharacterization of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Two Unique City Sewer SystemsChan Lan ChunDec. 2020
Payton KittakaMastersTemporal Fluctuations in Carbonate System Variables of Lake Superior TributariesLiz Austin-MinorJune 2023
Douglas KlimbalMastersMethods for Monitoring and Mitigating the Use of Chloride DeicersLarry Baker and Bruce WilsonJan. 2020
Garner KohrellMastersQuantifying the Impacts of Climate Change on Soil Erosion and Runoff in Minnesota Agricultural Watersheds using the WEPP ModelDavid MullaAugust 2022
Katie KramarczukMastersOptimizing Biofiltration Media for the Capture of Phosphate and the Support of Vegetation GrowthAndy Erickson and Jacques FinlayJune 2022
Sophia LaFond-HudsonDoctoralBiogeochemical interactions and ecological consequences of sulfur in stands of wild riceNathan Johnson and John PasterMay 2020
Jeremy LaurichMastersNatural Growing Conditions Related to the Size and Nutritional Contents of Wild Rice SeedsNathan JohnsonDec. 2023
Xiang LiDoctoralData Driven Discoveries in Streamflow, Vadose zone, and BaseflowJohn NieberJune 2023
Denver LinkMastersMercury concentration and aquatic food web alterations associated with zebra mussel invasion in Minnesota lakesGretchen HansenAugust 2023
Maqsood MansurMastersObservation and Prediction of Seiches in Lake SuperiorSam KellyOct. 2020
Elizabeth (Betsy) McKayMastersEcology of Giant, Sulfur-Oxidizing Thioploca Bacteria in Great Lakes SedimentsTed OzerskyJune 2021
Shawnee McMillianMastersWater Chemistry and Microbial Nitrogen Cycling in Wild Rice WetlandsChan Lan ChunDecember 2021
Ashley MurrMastersAcoustic Observations of Zooplankton Migration in Lake SuperiorJay AustinJuly 2023
Kaela NatworaMasters Cody SheikAug. 2020
Mohamed OuaraniDoctoralIntegrated Hydrological Modeling for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Coastal Regions: Essaouira Basin (Morocco)David MullaDec. 2023
Tongyao PuMastersStratification stability of tropical lakes and their responses to climatic changes: Lake Towuti (Indonesia)Sergei KatsevJan. 2023
Cole ReaganMastersPlan B ProjectJohn NieberApril 2023
Kaitlin ReinlDoctoralThe Intersection of Climate Change, Watershed Influence, and Phytoplankton Dynamics in Lake SuperiorRobert SternerJuly 2021
Kirsten RhudeMastersFood or Habitat: Drivers of Diporeia sediment preference on a Lake Superior transectRobert SternerAugust 2021
Kasey RundquistMastersPlan B ProjectJohn NieberDecember 2021
Benjamin SchleppenbachMastersInventory of spawning redd locations and habitat partitioning among five co-occurring salmonids in the Bois Brule River, WisconsinThomas HrabikJuly 2023
Larissa ScottMastersHabitat Quality in the Floodplain Following a Channel Reconfiguration Project: Stewart River, MNLucinda Johnson and Karen GranFeb. 2021
Kirill ShchapovDoctoralSeasonal community and food web dynamics of planktonic and benthicTed OzerskyDec. 2022
Geordee SpilkiaMastersMercury removal in municipal wastewater: The role of TSS and DOM in meeting Great Lakes discharge limitsNathan JohnsonJune 2021
Bailey TangenMastersSoil health system impacts on soil hydraulic functions in southern MinnesotaAnna CatesDec. 2023
Gloria ThomasMastersPlan B ProjectSebastian BehrensOct. 2020
Jason UlrichDoctoralThe Varying Effects of Climate and Landscape Changes on Increased River Flows in Minnesota WatershedsBruce WilsonMay 2023
Tyler UntiedtMastersInfluence of Water Chemistry and Microbiome on Macrophyte Composition in Wild Rice Wetlands in NE MinnesotaChan Lan ChunFeb. 2023
Tamara WalskyMastersOccurrences and Temporal Dynamics of Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Different Stormwater Reuse SystemsSatoshi IshiiDecember 2021
Karina WeelborgMastersField-scale evaluation of MN-sourced biochar for comprehensive contaminant removal from parking lot runoffJoe Magner and Bridget UlrichApril 2023
Amber WhiteMastersIdentification of Methylmercury Export Hotspots in an Industrially-Influenced Great Lakes Coastal WetlandNathan JohnsonDec. 2020
Julia ZimmerMastersAnalyzing Commercial Shipping Docks as a Source for Human and Wildlife Pathogens in the St. Louis River EstuaryRandall Hicks and Chan Lan ChunAugust 2022
Jake ZunkerMastersCharacterizing Terrestrially-Derived Organic Matter in Sediments of Laurentian Great Lakes Superior and HuronKathryn SchreinerAugust 2023