Title Date Event Speaker Event category
Hydrus-3D Estimates of Runoff from Pollinator Habitat at Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Sites Monday, Oct. 2nd, 4pm Dr. David Mulla
Dept of Soil, Water, and Climate
Twin Cities Seminar Series
Impacts of Changing Winter Conditions on Lakes will Increase with Latitude Monday, Oct. 9th, 4pm Dr. Ted Ozersky
UMD Large Lakes Observatory
Duluth Seminar Series
Title coming soon Monday, Oct. 23rd, 4pm Dr. Amy Kinsley
College of Veterinary Medicine
Twin Cities Seminar Series
Reconstructing Stream Flow and Water Quality Time Series based on Sparse Measurements: Applications of Sparse Sensing Monday, Oct. 30th, 4pm Dr. Kun Zhang
Dept. of Civil Engineering
Duluth Seminar Series