BBE and WRC Seminar Presentation

Water Resources and Development Issues in Ecuador


Felipe Cisneros Espinosa, PhD
Director of the Program for Water and Soil Management, University of Cuenca, Ecuador

May 9, 2017


Dr. Cisneros' present work tries to show in summary form some of the research activities that are being carried out in Ecuador, particularly in the southern region, which are encompassed by the activities of the University of Cuenca. The first part of his presentation will address issues related to the impacts that could be caused by some anthropogenic activities in high protection areas such as páramos, starting with the presentation of the environmental baseline that has been established, some specific aspects of the monitoring of hydro-meteorological parameters in the areas mentioned and the presentation of a theory that has resulted in the researcher's studies on the possibility of quantifying the degree of degradation of watersheds that will be a very important parameter for decision-making on ecosystem revitalization. The second part will address some aspects of the development of water resources in Ecuador and the problems and challenges that must be faced, such as the issue of sediments in both production and management, as well as some Results on climate change studies carried out for the region of the Rio Paute basin and presented in a form raises the developments on the planning of reservoirs that allow to regulate water for irrigation in areas of great agricultural potential with conditions of scarce water resources.