Twin Cities Seminar

Introduction to the ALog, a Low Cost Open Source Data Logger


Chad Sandell
Lab Engineer, Dept. of Earth Sciences

February 24, 2017


The ALog is an open-source data logger designed for long-term field monitoring. It is being designed by an Earth scientist to be lightweight, low-power (2-6 years life on 3 D cell batteries), inexpensive, and capable of storing large volumes (Gb) of data. It uses industrial-rated parts to survive temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees C. It’s easier on your wallet than proprietary systems, and lets you take control of every aspect of the system.

Chad Sandell graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2007.  He spent a number of years working as a design engineer in the HVAC industry and designing industrial ovens/furnaces.  He returned to the University of Minnesota 2016 as a research professional working with professor Andrew Wickert on the development and production of low-cost, open source data logging hardware. Measuring his wealth in ‘life points’, he strives to try/learn/experience as many things as he can, periodically reminding himself that he only gets one life. Not afraid to dive in head first, he can quickly find himself in too deep (How did I end up having six aquariums in this little shared apartment?) or suddenly move on to something new (A five-kilometer foot race? No thanks.).