WRS Doctoral Defense


David Burge
Doctoral Candidate, Water Resources Science

March 29, 2021


Modern Limnological and Paleolimnological Applications of Diatoms in Minnesota Lakes
Diatoms and lakes both have a rich academic history in Minnesota. Building upon this foundation I: 1) discuss future eco-evolurionary diatom studies in Minnesota Lakes using resurrection ecology, 2) demonstrate the ability of diatoms to inform site specific nutrient standards in Upper and Lower Red Lakes, 3) use bulk sediment DNA to describe how the distribution planktonic diatoms across Minnesota relates to spatial and historical environmental trends, and 4) examine the biogeochemical impacts of dust deposition  to Cedar Bog Lake over the past century. The cumulative knowledge gained from these studies influences management decisions, provides comparative microscope and DNA approaches to diatom assessment, and reveals new drivers of limnological disturbance in Minnesota.