Twin Cities WRS Seminars

State and National Perspectives on Stormwater Practices, Regulations, and Policies


Randy Neprash
Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition

October 23, 2020


Randy Neprash, PE brings a unique perspective of the stormwater sector. His work extends from local program operations to state regulations to promoting stormwater in the eyes of Congress. Stormwater is a significant source of water pollution and an unusual public infrastructure sector, in terms of regulations, funding, politics, and technical challenges. In his presentation and Q&A, Randy will address:

  • What does it mean that stormwater is much less “well-behaved” compared with other water infrastructure sectors?
  • What are the important elements of stormwater regulation, governance, and technical understanding that are lacking?
  • Is there a analogous infrastructure sector that can be a useful model for better understanding stormwater?
  • What are the best ways to move forward to address these deficiencies an challenges?