Twin Cities WRS Seminar

Minnesota's Urban Stormwater Research and Technology Transfer Program


John Bilotta
Water Resources Center

March 6, 2020


Urban stormwater runoff can pose challenges to water pollution and management to minimize impacts from flooding. Minnesota is advancing science, technology and management of stormwater in Minnesota by investing in and facilitating research to prevent, minimize and mitigate the impacts of runoff from the built environment. The University of Minnesota along with the Minnesota Stormwater Research Council and practitioners and policy leaders from both public and private enterprise have been collaborating since 2017 to more systematically meet the needs of applied stormwater research. This presentation will highlight those efforts including the first completed projects under the program. Furthermore, what good is applied research if it doesn't end up in the hands that can use it? Therefore, the program also invests in technology transfer as a mission - moving completed research, lessons learned, and practical guidance to practitioners and policy leaders, through educational workshops, certification training, and incorporation into the Minnesota Stormwater Manual.