Twin Cities WRS Seminar

Localized Flood Vulnerability in the Twin Cities


Emily Resseger
Metropolitan Council

October 25, 2019


The Minnesota State Climatology Office is highly confident that extreme rain events will increase in frequency and magnitude through the end of this century. It is paramount that agencies and communities understand their assets’ vulnerability to flooding. Traditionally flood vulnerability has been assessed using FEMA’s flood maps, which generally do not incorporate information about flood risks that may occur independent of a lake or river. This localized flooding, often exacerbated by undersized stormwater infrastructure, arises especially in urban areas due to short, intense rain events.

The Localized Flood Map for Climate Vulnerability Screening is a GIS tool that can be used by communities to understand the potential locations and severity of localized flooding without conducting sophisticated storm sewer modeling. This presentation will include an overview of the risks from localized flooding, a discussion of tool development, and examples of how the Metropolitan Council has used the localized flooding dataset to assess the vulnerability of regional assets including transit routes and wastewater infrastructure.