Twin Cities WRS Seminar

Climate Change in Minnesota


Kenneth Blumenfeld
Minnesota State Climatology Office

February 22, 2019


Which climatic changes are and are not currently affecting Minnesota? What changes do we expect in the years and decades ahead? Where do we have gaps in our knowledge that preclude definitive statements? This presentation will answer these questions by focusing on the foundational data and research available to climate scientists.

Dr. Kenneth (“Kenny”) Blumenfeld is a climate change scientist with the Minnesota DNR State Climatology Office, where he has worked to provide the state’s agencies, communities, and citizens with up-to-date and scientifically accurate information about Minnesota’s changing climate. Kenny enjoys talking to Minnesotans about their weather in nearly any venue, and frequently pursues what he calls “creative climate science” endeavors—for instance, co-creating a documentary movie about winter in Minnesota during one of its harshest winters on record.