MS Thesis Defense


Mark Bushinski
Master's Student, Water Resources Science

June 1, 2018


A Survey of Stormwater BMPs in Cold Climates

The approach to stormwater management varies by many factors including the stake that a professional has in the project, the governing agencies, impairments to receiving waterbodies, public perception and the climate. This document serves to find the effect cold climate has on the approach to stormwater management. A survey of 29 professionals who work in the field of stormwater management was conducted. Surveys were completed by 24 water resource professionals in the twin cities metropolitan area and 5 professionals from northern Europe. Of the 29 professionals surveyed 21 stated the importance of factoring the cold climate of Minnesota or northern Europe in the design process. Research from universities and governmental agencies was compiled to help in the selection of a stormwater BMP (Best management practice) in cold climates.