Twin Cities WRS Seminar

The River Runs Through Us: River Life Integrates Water, Place, and Community


Joanne Richardson and Laurie Moberg
Institute for Advanced Study

February 16, 2018


Water is one of the most important, and vexing, challenges facing the region, state, nation, and world. At the University of Minnesota, an array of research, teaching, and program efforts approach many dimensions of understanding water. But the University doesn’t yet have a platform or framework to pull together the rich range of knowledge that it creates, or a strong way to connect to the multiple off-campus communities committed to our water future. This talk by River Life program staff will outline three programs—the Open Rivers digital journal, a spatial project called Mapping Water stories, and a series of events around the dual theme “We Are Water/The River at Our Doorstep”—that are intended to create spaces where scientists, scholars in the humanities and professional disciplines, students, and community knowledge holders can all come together, share insights, and learn from each other.