Robert Dietz

Degree Program: 
Twin Cities


  • M.S. - Geosciences. University of Arizona.
  • B.S. - Environmental Science and Political Science. Iowa State University.


  • Dietz, R.D., Engstrom, D.R., and Anderson, N.J. 2015. Patterns and drivers of change in organic carbon burial across a diverse landscape: insights from 116 Minnesota lakes. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 29: 798-727.
  • Anderson, N.J., Dietz, R.D., and Engstrom, D.R. 2013. Land-use change, not climate, controls organic carbon burial in lakes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280 (1769).
  • Rowell, K., Dettman, D.L., and Dietz, R.D. 2010. Nitrogen isotopes in otoliths reconstruct ancient trophic position. Environmental Biology of Fishes 89(3-4): 415-425.
  • Dietz, R.D. 2008. Nitrogen isotopes in bivalve shells from the Colorado River estuary: Evaluating a potential proxy for changes in riverine nutrient delivery. M.S. Thesis, University of Arizona.

Faculty Advisor(s)

Drs. Daniel Engstrom and Emi Ito

Research Interest

Paleoenvironmental reconstructions from aquatic sediments/fossils.  Application of stable isotope geochemistry to problems in (paleo)limnology and (paleo)ecology.  Linking conservation science and paleoenvironmental research.  Public policy implications of geosciences research.

Robert Dietz, WRS Graduate Student