Erik Henderickson


Degree Program: M.S. 

Campus: Duluth

Adviser: Elizabeth Minor, Large Lakes Observatory (LLO)

Research Topic/ Interests: I am a plan A master's student studying microplastic pollution the far western arm of Lake Superior.  The goals of my thesis include: developing quantitative methods for measuring microplastic pollution in surface waters and sediments as well as assessing the severity microplastic pollution in the Twin Ports area of Lake Superior. I have previously studied and published on quantifying illicit stimulants and their metabolites in wastewater and the Wisconsin River.  I hope to work for a laboratory that focuses on using analytical techniques to measure anthropogenic pollutants in the environment, and from analytical data obtained, helps to create solutions for cleaning up/preventing anthropogenic pollution.

Previous Degrees: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, B.S., Water Resources, minor in Chemistry

Contact Information: