Current Students

Name Degree Program Research Interest Campus Email
Matt Bambach MS Impacts of climate change, land use, and other changes in water quality on harmful algae blooms (cyanobacteria production and toxicity) in inland Minnesota Duluth
Hannah Behar MS Impacts of beaver dam removal on stream hydraulic characteristics and fish populations. Duluth
Moe Benda PhD Development of regional water model integrating multiple disparate data sources to identify useable parameters for permitting and land use decisions. Duluth
Brian Bohman PhD Nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation management in the Upper Midwest to improve farmer's profitability and to reduce impact on drinking water Twin Cities
Amanda Brennan PhD Bioavailability of organic contaminants in the St. Louis estuary and river Duluth
David Burge PhD Paleo-reconstruction of Upper and Lower Red Lakes and the changing biogeography of tychoplanktonic diatoms in Minnesota Twin Cities
Emma Burgeson MS Hydrologic effects of beaver dam removal in the Knife River Watershed Duluth
Jake Callaghan PhD Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry Duluth
Katie Cassidy MS Environmental Impacts of Potassium Acetate as a Road Salt Alternative Duluth
Teso Coker MS Duluth
Peter Conowall MS Duluth
Ellen Cooney PhD Impact of climate change, specifically large rain events, on carbon cycling and biogeochemistry in Lake Superior.  Duluth
Megan Corum MS Impacts of invasive zooplankton on aquatic ecology Duluth
Lisa DeGuire MS Anthropogenic effects on water quality and the effect of invasive organisms on ecosystem health. Duluth
Chelsea Delaney MS Using satellite imaging and terrestrial slope to calculate individual and total lake volumes without using depth in seventeen watersheds in Central Minnesota.  Twin Cities
Nicki DeWeese MS Long-term ecosystem impacts of invasive zooplankton using paleolimnology Duluth
Robert Dietz PhD Paleoenvironmental reconstructions from aquatic sediments/fossils.  Application of stable isotope geochemistry to problems in (paleo)limnology and (paleo)ecology.  Linking conservation science and paleoenvironmental research.  Public policy implications of geosciences research. Twin Cities
Jack Distel MS Creating adaptable and resilient ecosystems through dynamic ecological management and engineering. Twin Cities
Kelly Duhn MS Duluth
Devin Edge PhD Effects of photochemistry on dissolved organic matter (DOM) and potential subsequent nutrient release in storm plumes compared to non-plumes in Lake Superior and the Arctic. Duluth
Jasmine Eltawely PhD Hybrid watermilfoil genotype distribution in Minnesota lakes Twin Cities
Zachary Ethier MS Twin Cities
Emily Fleissner MS Aquatic biology with a focus on behavioral and physiological characteristics of fish Duluth
Adam Frankiewicz MS Aquatic invertebrate taxonomy and scientific illustrations; focus on creating an updated scientific key for Sphaeriidae clams and freshwater Gastropod in the Great Lakes Region Duluth
Lara Frankson MS Fate and persistence of antibiotics in Minnesota.. Twin Cities
Jacob Fredrickson PhD Physical Limnology/Oceanography, Field Instrumentation and Observation, Numerical Modeling Duluth
Christa Gomez MS Environmental microbiology, water resource engineering, water quality Twin Cities
Erica Green PhD Geophysical fluid dynamics; physical limnology/oceanography; numerical modeling; field instrumentation and observations Duluth
Shelby Hammerschmidt MS Ecohydrology in the understory of a coast redwood forest Duluth
Kerri Hawk MS Water quantity issues and policies and in helping developing communities meet their water needs.  Twin Cities
Jonathan Hess MS Twin Cities
Audrey Huff PhD Biological limnology. Effects of benthic communities on nutrient cycling in large lake ecosystems. Duluth
Emily Hyde MS How nutrients can affect and be effected by conditions within freshwater systems ranging from microbial activity, anthropogenic impacts, and various forms of pollution.  Duluth
Vadym Ianaiev PhD Duluth
Mitch Ihlang MS Using isotopes and numerical modeling to study groundwater recharge in Northeastern Minnesota Duluth
Adelle Keppers MS Anthroprogenic effects on abundance and locality of antibiotic resistant genes in city sewer systems upstream  Duluth
Douglas Klimbal MS Developing adaptive management strategies to improve the health of waterways. A specific emphasis right now is being placed on reducing the impact of chloride on the built and non-built environment Twin Cities
Sophia LaFond-Hudson PhD Geochemistry of wild rice rooting zones, biogeochemistry, water quality Duluth
Xiang Li MS Twin Cities
Brianna Loeks-Johnson PhD Microbial processing of nitrogen in freshwater systems Twin Cities
Maqsood Mansur MS Duluth
Betsy McKay MS Ecology and biogeochemistry of large lake benthic communities Duluth
Shawnee McMillian MS Duluth
Kaela Natwora PhD Effects of nitrogen fixation in certain species of Microcystis and the production of various microcystin congeners Duluth
Jacob Olson MS Invasive macrophytes (Potamogeton crispus and Myriophyllum spicatum) in lakes throughout Minnesota and investigating methods to restore native macrophyte communities and define restoration endpoints. Twin Cities
Mohamed Ouarani PhD Twin Cities
Alycia Overbo PhD Identifying and characterizing sources of chloride to Minnesota surface waters and groundwater Twin Cities
Kaitlin Reinl PhD Cyanobacteria in Lake Superior and how it relates to watershed dynamics, climate change, water quality, and water resource management. Mathematical and statistical modeling as tools for predicting changes in aquatic ecosystems. Duluth
Kirsten Rhude MS Ecology, limnology, impacts of climate change and land use on water quality, environmental policy, and science education Duluth
Kasey Rundquist MS Public values of aquatic invasive species Twin Cities
Gage Sachs MS Organic geochemistry of lipids Duluth
Larissa Scott MS Duluth
Kirill Shchapov PhD Limnology, winter community ecology of large freshwater lakes, and climate change Duluth
Claire Simmerman PhD Twin Cities
Geordee Spilkia MS Mercury Removal in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems along the Lake Superior Basin Duluth
Victor Teng PhD Combining remote sensing and modeling to surface water/groundwater interactions. Twin Cities
Gloria Thomas PhD Environmental Chemistry.  Environmental Microbiology.  Water Quality Twin Cities
Marissa Torrez Castro MS Contaminant interactions in natural systems, biogeochemistry, water quality  Duluth
Jason Ulrich PhD Twin Cities
Tyler Untiedt MS Environmental Microbiology. Understanding the microbiome associated with northern wild rice and competing vegetation. Duluth
Jonathan Utecht MS Aquatic ecology, Fisheries management, Aquatic Restoration, Climate Change implications Duluth
Thomas Venneman MS Duluth
Tamara Walsky MS Temporal Dynamics of Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance in Raw and Treated Stormwater Twin Cities
Amber White MS Methylmercury in St. Louis River, freshwater systems Duluth
Julia Zimmer MS Microbial ecology of urban freshwater systems Duluth