Available Faculty for Fall 2017

Below are a few of the faculty and research projects in need of graduate students for the 2017-2018 year.

  • Sebastian Behrens needs a student interested in microbial sulfate reduction for sulfate and heavy metal removal from mine drainage
  • Donn Branstrator needs a student to use paleolimnology to study long-term impacts of the invasive invertebrate predator, Bythotrephes longimanus (spiny water flea), on food web structure. Specifically, the project will examine linkages between colonization of the invader and the timing and magnitude of response of lower trophic levels in four large Minnesota, inland lakes. 
  • Randall Hicks needs an M.S. student to assist with a microbial biocorrosion study
  • Satoshi Ishii needs students to assist with two projects: 1) safety assessment of reclaimed water, and 2) bioremediation of inorganic nutrients from agricultural runoff water
  • Diana Karwan needs a student interested in catchment science, hydrology, and sediment fingerprinting
  • Sam Kelly needs a Ph.D. student interested in studying wind-driven internal waves and turbulence in Lake Superior
  • Elizabeth Minor needs students interested in the effects of episodic and extreme events on lake and stream systems, evaluating the extent and impact of microplastic contamination in lake water columns and sediments, carbon cycling in an Arctic river system, or lake and ocean acidification due to inorganic carbon cycling
  • Chris Paola needs a student interested in deltas and/or sediment dynamics
  • Euan Reavie needs a student to assist with a Laurentian Great Lakes phytoplankton study
  • Robert Sterner needs a student interested in ecological stoichiometry and the balance of elements in ecological systems

Individual faculty make the final selection of their graduate students.  We strongly encourage interested candidates to communicate directly with faculty members whose research interests match their own to learn about other available projects. 

Current Students Research

Check out the variety of research projects underway by current Water Resources Science graduate students.