Words of Wisdom from Recent Graduates

  • Rely on your fellow WRS students. They'll get you through anything!
  • Eat the Frog. AKA, if you've got something on your to-do list that isn't very appealing, make time to get it done before it has time to grow and get even tougher to chew.
  • Make sure to lean on your support system when things get tough.
  • Take time to take care of yourself.

Recent M.S. Graduates

Fall 2020

Hammerschmidt, Shelby   |   Advisor: Salli Dymond
Understory Transpiration Rates Following Stand Density Reduction in a Coast Redwood Forest

Keppers, Adelle   |   Advisor: Chan Lan Chun
Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Two Unique City Sewer Systems

Mansur, Maqsood   |   Advisor: Sam Kelly
Observation and Prediction of Seiches in Lake Superior

Scott, Larissa   |   Advisor: Karen Gran 
Habitat Quality in the Floodplain Following a Channel Reconfiguration Project: Stewart River, MN

Thomas, Gloria   |   Advisor: Sebastian Behrens

White, Amber   |   Advisor: Nathan Johnson
Identification of Methylmercury Export Hotspots in an Industrially-Influenced Great Lakes Coastal Wetland

Summer 2020

Behar, Hannah   |   Advisors: Karen Gran and Salli Dymond
Modeling Stream Thermal Dynamics: The Influence of Beaver Dams in a Minnesota Watershed

Frankson, Lara   |   Advisor: Bill Arnold
Measurement of Antibiotics in Water and Sediment: Determining Our Antibiotic Footprint

Hyde, Emily   |   Advisor: Cody Sheik

Li, Xiang   |   Advisor: John Nieber
Drainage Timescale Estimates and Storage Change Analysis on a Basin Scale

Natwora, Kaela   |   Advisor: Cody Sheik

Spring 2020

Bambach, Matthew   |   Advisor: Andrew Bramburger

Delaney, Chelsea   |   Advisor: John Nieber
Estimating Lake Water Volume Using Scale Analysis

Deweese, Nichole   |   Advisors: Donn Branstrator and Euan Reavie

Distel, Jack   |   Advisor: John Nieber
Identifying the Impact and Efficacy of Watershed Management on an Urban Stream

Ethier, Zachary   |   Advisors:  Jay Bell and Chris Lenhart

Klimbal, Douglas   |   Advisors:  Larry Baker and Bruce Wilson
Methods for Monitoring and Mitigating the Use of Chloride Deicers

Fall 2019

Delaney, Chelsea   |   Advisor: John Nieber
Estimating Lake Water Volume Using Scale Analysis

Eltawely, Jasmine   |   Advisor:  Ray Newman

Hawk, Kerri   |   Advisor:  Larry Baker

Summer 2019

Shull, Carolyn   |   Advisor: Howard Mooers 
A Tunnel Speleothem Based Stable-isotope Record of Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation Forcing of Precipitation in the Midlands, United Kingdom

Sprague, Tiffany   |   Advisor: George Host 

Stoll, Kinzey   |   Advisor: Salli Dymond 
Isotopic Signatures of Precipitation and Streams Along the North Shore of Lake Superior

Wiese, Justin   |   Advisor: Mike Sadowsky 

Spring 2019

Kucek, Christopher   |   Advisor: Joe Magner

Loeks-Johnson, Brianna   |   Advisor: James Cotner
Lakes are Sources of Nitrogen to the Atmosphere: A look at net nitrogen balance in Upper Midwest Lakes

Fall 2018

Camilleri, Andrew   |   Advisor: Ted Ozersky
Nutrient Limitation of Upper Great Lakes Periphyton across Large Spatial and Environmental Gradients

Evans, Nicholas   |   Advisor: Chris Paola
Assessing Hydrologic Connectivity using Water Temperature, Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana

Summer 2018

Baeumler, Nathaniel   |   Advisor: Satish Gupta
River Nitrogen Loads and Landscape Evapotranspiration as Influenced by Climate and Land Cover Changes in the Midwestern United States

Baker, Anna   |   Advisors: Jacques Finlay and Karen Gran
Phosphorus-sediment Interactions and Their Implications for Watershed Scale Phosphorus Dynamics in the Le Sueur River Basin

Bushinski, Mark   |   Advisor: Bruce Wilson

Bye, Erik   |   Advisor: Kathryn Schreiner
Chemical Characterization of Soil Organic Matter in a Chesapeake Bay Salt Marsh: Analyzing Microbial and Vegetation Inputs

Cooney, Ellen   |   Advisor: Elizabeth Austin-Minor
Extreme Rain Events' Effects on the Biogeochemistry of Lake Superior

Fitzpatrick, Kara   |   Advisor: Joe Magner
Identifying Linear Relationships Between Streamflow Metrics and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Metrics in Minnesota

Hite, Molly   |   Advisors: Paige Novak and Tim LaPara

McLellan, Katherine   |   Advisor: Joe Magner
Nitrate Dynamics in an Agricultural Watershed, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Takaki, Daniel  |   Advisor: Chanlan Chun
Enhanced Microbial Sulfate Removal Through a Novel Electrode-Integrated Bioreactor

Fall 2017

Hendrickson, Erik  |  Advisor: Elizabeth Austin-Minor
Microplastics in the Surface Water and Sediments of Western Lake Superior as Determined via Microscopy, Pyr-GC/MS, and FTIR

Martin, Timothy  |  Advisor: Paul Venturelli
Comparing Estimates of Fishing Effort and Lake Choice Derived from Aerial Creel Surveys and Smartphone Application Data in Ontario, Canada

Shepherd, Marissa  |  Advisor: Paige Novak

Wolf, Kari  |  Advisor: Satish Gupta
Climate and Land Use Change Impacts on N-Loads in Iowa Rivers and Remediation of Tile Water with an Anion-Exchange Resin

Summer 2017

Batts, Virginia  |  Advisor: Karen Gran
Effects of Vegetation-Sediment Interactions on the Morphological Evolution of Coarse-Bedded Rivers: Results from Flume Experiments

Spring 2017

Halbach, Ann   |   Advisor: Robert Sterner
Trends in Total Phosphorus Concentrations in Urban and Non-Urban Environments

Labuz, Stephen   |   Advisor: Rebecca Teasley

Van Allen, Rachel   |   Advisor: Kathryn Schreiner
An Organic Geochemical Record of Inland Migration in a Coastal Marsh, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA

Fall 2016

Lurndahl, Nicole   |   Advisor: Michael Sadowsky
Temporal and Spatial Trends in the Abundance of Functional Denitrification Genes and Observed Soil Moisture and Potential Denitrification Rates

Nelson, Taylor   |   Advisor: Sara Heger
Water Use at Minnesota Rest Areas

Timm, Dylan   |   Advisor: David Mulla
Identifying critical source areas for best management practice targeting in impaired Zumbro River watersheds using digital terrain analysis

Summer 2016

Alexson, Elizabeth   |   Advisor: Euan Reavie
Paleolimnological Investigation of the St. Louis River Estuary to Inform Area of Concern Delisting Efforts

Dietrich, Thomas   |   Advisor: Joe Magner
Stony Creek: A flood mitigation

Freeman, Carrie   |   Advisor: Jay Austin

Hammer-Lester, Rebecca   |   Advisor: Chris Lenhart

Henley, Elizabeth   |   Advisor: Joe Magner

LaFond-Hudson, Sophie   |   Advisor: Nathan Johnson and John Paster
Iron and Sulfur Cycling in the Rhizosphere of Wild Rice (Zizania palustris)

Tennant, Cody   |   Advisor: Elizabeth Austin-Minor
Analysis of Inorganic Carbon and pH in the Western Arm of Lake Superior

Xu, Song   |   Advisor: Bruce Wilson

Spring 2016

Braun, Shanna   |   Advisor: Chris Lenhart and Ken Brooks

Harris, Michael   |   Advisor: Lucinda Johnson

Herrera, Larissa   |   Advisor: Valerie Brady
Identifying the Impacts of Excess Fine Sediment on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities

Jasperson, Jenny   |   Advisor: Karen Gran and Joe Magner
Seasonal and Flood-Induced Variations in Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange Dynamics in a Shallow Aquifer System: Amity Creek, MN

Rorer, Michelle   |   Advisor: Joe Magner

Fall 2015

Sorensen, Michael   |   Advisor: Donn Branstrator
Hypoxia Tolerance of the Invasive Zooplankton Bythotrephes longimanus and the Native Zooplankton Leptodora kindtii

Summer 2015

Aliff Meagan   |   Advisor: Euan Reavie
Evaluation of a Method for Ballast Water Risk-Release Assessment Using a Protist Surrogate

Campbell, Nathan   |   Advisor: Chris Lenhart

Spring 2015

Bailey, Logan   |   Advisor: Nathan Johnson
The Effect of High Sulfate Loading on Methylmercury Production, Partitioning, and Transport in Mining-impacted Freshwater Sediments and Lakes in Northeastern Minnesota

Birkemeier, Ryan   |   Advisor: Joe Magner and John Nieber

Hamlin, Jennifer   |   Advisor: Pamela Rice
Sorption-Desorption, Leaching, and Bioavailability of Aminocyclopyrachlor and Indaziflam in Minnesota Soils

Kjerland, Tonya   |   Advisor: Jonathan Schilling and John Pastor

Olm, Rachel   |   Advisor: Joe Magner

Thao, Chakong   |   Advisor: Paul Venturelli

Thompson, Seth   |   Advisor: James Cotner
Extractability of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in United States Grasslands

Fall 2014

Ross, Nikol   |   Advisor: Joe Magner and Chris Lenhart

Wisker, James   |   Advisor: Bruce Wilson

Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Spring 2020

Lafond-Hudson, Sophia   |   Dr. Nathan Johnson and Dr. John Pastor
Biogeochemical interactions and ecological consequences of sulfur in stands of wild rice

Summer 2019

Thompson, Seth   |   Dr. Jim Cotner
Decomposition and Production of Dissolved Organic Matter by Aquatic Bacteria

Spring 2019

Aly, Yousof   |   Advisor: Matt Simcik
Enhanced Adsorption of Perfluoro Alkyl Substances in Groundwater; Development of a Novel In-Situ Groundwater Remediation Method

Gordon, Brad   |   Advisor: Chris Lenhart 
Hydrology, Nutrient Removal, and Cost Effectiveness of Small, Edge-of-Field Tile Drainage Treatment Wetlands

Summer 2018

Fakhraee, Mojtaba   |   Advisor: Sergei Katsev
A New Insight into the Geochemistry of Sulfur in Low Sulfate Environments

Spring 2018

Mazack, Jane  |  Advisors: Len Ferrington and Bruce Vondracek
Winter Invertebrate Dynamics in Groundwater-fed Streams in Southeastern Minnesota, USA

Fall 2016

Titze, Daniel   |   Advisor: Jay Austin
Characteristics, Influence, and Sensitivity of Ice Cover on the Great Lakes

Zhao, Xiaowei   |   Advisor: Randall Hicks
Bacterial Community Dynamics on Suspended Particle Microscopic Islands and Implications for the Theory of Island Biogeography

Fall 2015

Kessler, Andrew   |   Advisor: Satish Gupta
River Bank Erosion in the Minnesota River Valley

Summer 2015

Fairbairn, David   |   Advisor: Deborah Swackhamer and Pamela Rice
Sources, Transport, and Sediment-Water Distributions of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in a Mixed-Use Watershed

Heger, Sara   |   Advisor: Ed Nater and James Anderson
Evaluation of Four Milk House Wastewater Treatment Systems in Minnesota

Kronholm, Scott   |   Advisor: Paul Capel
Hydrologic Flowpath and Other Natural and Anthropogenic Factors Controlling Nitrogen Movement from the Landscape to Streams

Teneyck, Matthew   |   Advisor: Donn Branstrator
Defining the Risk-Release Relationship of Daphnia Magna, a Non-Native Aquatic Species in the Environment of Duluth-Superior Harbor

Fall 2014

Li, Jiying   |   Advisor: Sergei Katsev
Sediment Diagenesis in Large Lakes Superior and Malawi, Geochemical Cycles and Budgets and Comparisons to Marine Sediments