Water Resources Center
Water Resources Science Graduate Program

The University of Minnesota Water Resources Center (WRC) administers the WRS Graduate Program. The Water Resources Center is affiliated with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and University of Minnesota Extension.

Water Resources Science Limnology and Oceanography Track Core Courses

At least one course from each of the below four core areas is required to complete the core*:

*Equivalent courses completed as an undergraduate may fulfill the core requirement if approved by the DGS; please consult with the DGS. Undergraduate courses cannot transfer so additional graduate courses in WRS may be needed to meet the graduate school 14 cr requirement.

Hydrology (Surface and/or Hydrogeology):

Twin Cities:

  • BBE 8513 Hydrologic Modeling of Small Watersheds (3 cr)
  • CE 8561 Analysis and Modeling of Aquatic Environments I (3 cr)
  • CE 8562 Analysis and Modeling of Aquatic Environments II (3 cr)
  • FR 5114 Hydrology & Watershed Management (3 cr)


  • LIM 5101 Physical Limnology (3 cr)

Environmental/Water Chemistry:

Twin Cities:

  • CE 5541 Environmental Water Chemistry (3 cr)
  • ESCI 4401 Aqueous Environmental Chemistry (3 cr)
  • LAAS 5311 Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy (3 cr)
  • PubH 6190 Environmental Chemistry (3 cr)


  • GEOL 4710 Aqueous Geochemistry/Chemical Hydrogeology (4 cr)
  • LIM 5102 Chemical Limnology (3 cr)


Twin Cities:

  • EEB 5601 Limnology (3 cr)


  • BIOL 5833 Stream Ecology (4 cr)
  • BIOL 5861 Lake Ecology (3 cr)

Water Resources Policy:

Twin Cities and Duluth (via ITV):

  • WRS 5101 Water Policy (3 cr)